I’ve got it!  We’ll call it the Tumblr Genius Bar.

But seriously, what would you call it?

  1. bellowingrapmachine answered: Stumblr
  2. madthoughts answered: Tumblr Shufflr.
  3. gregnews answered: Tumblr Browsr
  4. svnnhd answered: I want to cut tumblr employees hair.
  5. mikagirlja answered: Tumble
  6. encosion answered: Yeah, I like ‘shuffle’ too…
  7. bjornstar answered: YouProbablyWon’tLikeThisBar
  8. brittschaefer answered: I really enjoyed everyone else’s idea of stumblr
  9. avi answered: Stumblr or Shuffler/Shufflr
  10. thelongneckgiraffe answered: Tumblounded
  11. trespeak answered: Tumble! or maybe Tumblize. Idanoe.
  12. bendelaney answered: the Tumblr ShuffleBar
  13. rickwebb answered: "feature creep"? ;)
  14. 6ixpassions answered: Tumbar
  15. hannes answered: Tumble Rumble
  16. willw answered: Tumble.
  17. 4thofjulyatthecottage answered: call it a stumbl
  18. dubliner answered: T.U.M.B.L.A.R.
  19. chalkers answered: Tumbar
  20. thatpj answered: The Bar of Tumblosity!
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  22. sweller answered: tumblvision
  23. dview answered: Tumb.lr.ico.us
  24. multimoulinette answered: do we really need it?
  25. kbkarma answered: TumblCrunch! TechTumblr! CrunchUpon! The possibilities truly are endless!
  26. gregsmyth answered: Stumblr
  27. halfwaynowhere answered: My vote would be “stumblr” if it were to change.
  28. starkexpos answered: Take A Chance On Me
  29. reillybrennan answered: tmblur
  30. eagereyes answered: TumbleUpon is pure genius - don’t change it!
  31. xbuzz answered: Oh oh I got it… ImFeelingLucky™
  32. bryceseifert answered: tumbluffagus
  33. ivanfilios answered: Tumblr Shuffle
  34. sebastianwaters answered: randumblr
  35. scottyg answered: Tumblar
  36. daigski answered: tumblike
  37. jamie-lottering answered: Jumblr
  38. monsieurledan answered: You’re screwed. Tumblupon was the perfect name. Unless it infringes copyright, keep it.
  39. kriscolvin answered: Just “Tumbl It” or something, which is what I would be doing. Hate the current name, love the idea. Want bookmarket, not bar tho. (Safari)
  40. gbattle answered: Dumb Button. LazyBar. HandOut. PeoplePusher. Tumbl4ya. DroppinDeuces. FastCrap. GrabBag. HotPotato. EyeCandy. KidneyPunch. CrackerBarrell.
  41. texturism answered: tumblRED or tumblREAD
  42. pile answered: RUMBLR
  43. topherchris answered: Random Tumblr Conveyance System Version 1